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When it’s time for cancer screening, you need professional and compassionate care providers like those at Pinnacle Medical Group. Men and women in the Nashville, Tennessee area can count on the Pinnacle Medical Group team for skin, prostate, colon, breast, and cervical cancer screenings in a convenient one-stop location. Book online or by phone now.

Cancer Q & A

What is a skin cancer screening?

In a skin cancer screening, your Pinnacle Medical Group care provider checks your skin for moles, bumps, growths, and other potential problems. In some cases, your care provider may need to remove some or all of a growth to test it for cancer (a biopsy). Skin lesions are frozen off in a quick in-office procedure.

Your Pinnacle Medical Group care provider performs skin cancer screenings according to your unique needs. Depending on your history and your family history of skin cancer, your care provider may recommend in-office screenings on a yearly basis in addition to your own self-exams at home.

What is a breast cancer screening?

A breast cancer screening starts with a clinical breast exam, in which your Pinnacle Medical Group care provider checks your breasts for changes such as lumps. Depending on your history, age, and symptoms, your care provider may recommend a mammogram.

Mammograms are breast cancer screenings that capture a series of images of your breast tissue. Mammograms can find breast cancer even in its very early stages, which allows you to be proactive about treatment. Your doctor will recommend how often you need a mammogram, but most often, women begin having mammograms after the age of 40 on an annual basis until the age of 55 when testing is usually every two years.

What is a cervical cancer screening?

A cervical cancer screening is a Pap smear or HPV test. In these tests, which is usually done during a pelvic exam, your Pinnacle Medical Group care provider removes a small number of cells from your cervix. They test the sample for abnormal changes that could indicate pre-cancerous growth.

What is a prostate screening?

A prostate screening includes a prostate-specific antigen blood test that checks for potential prostate problems. Additionally, screening may include a digital rectal exam in which your Pinnacle Medical Group care provider checks for physical signs of prostate cancer like bumps.

What is a colon cancer screening?

There are several options for colon cancer screening. Your provider may do a stool test that checks for blood not visible to the naked eye, which is a sign of colon cancer. Two other options include sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy, in which your provider views your colon through a flexible scope that’s inserted in your rectum.

Should I have health screenings regularly?

The Pinnacle Medical Group recommends regular health screenings for both men and women based on your age, health history, and current health. For healthy adults under 40, screenings are usually recommended every two years. After 40, you should have screenings annually, or as recommended by your care provider.

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