Importance of Health Screening

What is Health Screening?

It is a periodic evaluation of the body system to determine an individual’s health status. It consists of various procedures which the doctor uses to assess the well being of an individual.

What are the benefits of Health Screening?

Our body is a dynamic and constantly changing living being. Therefore, periodic health screening allows early detection of diseases previously unknown to the individual. These may include heart disease, high blood pressure or hypertension, diabetes mellitus and cancer which are the leading causes of death in developed countries and often have no symptoms until advanced stages when treatment may be too late.

  • Promote health consciousness among patients.
  • A comprehensive health screening program that helps in early detection of a disease is more cost effective than treating the disease itself. In other words, prevention IS better than cure!

What does Health Screening involve?

A basic health screening program should include the followings:

  • Review of Medical History
  • This is a review of your previous medical illness, family medical history, present medical symptoms and medications.
  • Your regular or family doctor should be aware of your medical history and will be in the best position to determine the relevant tests that are required.
  • Physical Examination
  • This includes a blood pressure reading and an examination of your major body systems.
  • Laboratory Tests
  • These are usually blood and urine tests that reveal diseases and internal status not easily detected by physical examination. They also help in making accurate diagnosis, assessment of disease status and monitoring the effect of treatment.

Additional Tests
These may include a chest X-ray, E.C.G., ultrasound and PAP Smear (for ladies).

Who should go for Health Screening?

All adults can and should go for health screening. It is particularly recommended for those with a family history of serious illnesses, those above 40 years of age and those with high risk of developing significant disease due to diet, lifestyle, nature of work, environment or other circumstances.

How often should one go for Health Screening?

  • Below 40 years old – once every 2 years or when necessary.
  • Above 40 years old – annually.

Types of Health Screenings

Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Heart Attack Risk, Colon Cancer and more.

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